Commercial Roofing Inspection in Rocky Hill, CT

Commercial Roofing Inspection for Your Business in Rocky Hill, CT

The commercial roofing market is a highly competitive sector of the American economy. Commercial roof inspections are one of the many services offered by commercial roofing companies in Rocky Hill, CT. Watermarks on the roofing structures are a sure sign that your business roofing system is deteriorating. In this case, you need the services of a qualified roof repair contractor in Rocky Hill, CT. It will be like going on a treasure hunt to find out precisely what is wrong with your roof and give solutions to fix the issue.

Once all the details are ironed out, a roofing contractor can provide you with a wide range of options for repairing or replacing your roofing system, depending on its age and the severity of the damage. Roofer of Rocky Hill has prepared this article to serve as an educational resource for the owners and managers of commercial properties.

What Is A Commercial Roofing Inspection?

Rocky Hill Commercial Roofing Inspection

To set the stage, we will first define roofing inspection and then describe the scope of the assessment. Suppose you need an inspection for a lease, a title transfer, or insurance. In that case, you may usually hire a third party, such as a building inspector or licensed roofing contractors, to do it. It’s a visual check of the entire structure.

The inspector will look for things like fire hazards, the presence of lead paint, signs of mold and mildew and insect infestation, asbestos, air quality,  the roof’s age, how much time is left on its expected lifespan, and the building’s circumference.

What Does a Commercial Roofing Inspection Cover?

Interior Inspection

The first step of a water leak examination is to look for the source of the problem inside the structure. Once the inspector finds the endpoint, they can easily trace the leak’s cause.

For instance, if there is a leak in an office, and you look up and see a brown patch, you may be certain that the leak began above your head. Then, it’s safe to presume that if there’s an HVAC unit up in the ceiling above the office, that’s where the leak began.

Exterior Assessment

Leak-causing faults and damage will be checked for during the exterior roof inspection. The inspectors will usually look for roofing issues that lead to leaks, such as roof sagging, damaged substrate (holes), membrane cracks and splits, blisters, lifted seams, and missing shingles.

The visual assessment will begin at the roof’s edge and work toward the center for two primary reasons. The first is that problems typically start at the roof’s edges, and the second is that you don’t want to miss anything on the walking tour. For example, the pressure of strong winds can weaken the adhesive between the layers of a single-ply roof, which can also tear apart the roof’s edges.

Testing Core Samples

An inspector will extract a small core sample to determine the precise condition of your roof. They can quickly reveal the number of roof layers, substrate material, degree of saturation and wetness, and age of the roof by using that small core sample.

Comprehensive Report

As soon as the inspection is over, a report will be created that specifies the roof’s problems and the necessary repairs. The report will include photos of leaks and suggestions for fixing them. If the leak on the roof is less than 5%, then a repair is the best option. 

When comparing the costs of repairing your roof versus replacing it entirely, you will find that repairs are much more cost-effective. However, if more than a quarter of the roof is damaged and water-logged, it must be replaced entirely.

The average lifespan of a roof is three years if there is a 25% leak or moisture. In this case, replacing the entire roof is preferable to repairing it.

The Best Roof Inspections Include

  • Suggestions for resolving the issues plaguing your roof.
  • An in-depth investigation to locate sources of moisture intrusion.
  • A detailed, easy-to-understand breakdown of the roof’s condition.
  • Providing the best roofing solution for a fair price.

Commercial Roofing Inspections in Rocky Hill, CT

Best Roof Inspections Rocky Hill

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