professional roofing contractor in Rocky Hill, CT

Warning Signs Of Hiring An Unprofessional Roofing Contractor

Everyone thinks they’re a professional roofing contractor in Rocky Hill, CT, and even with little experience, they advertise themselves as flat and commercial roofers. But remember, not all roofing contractors are equal, which can be problematic since expenses aren’t cheap. So, it’s not hard to see why hiring a roofing contractor can be one of your most significant business decisions. 

Remember, your roof is one of your building’s main assets, protecting the rest of your property and the people inside. Roofing isn’t a job you’d want to trust to just anyone.

You’ll need to hire a reliable roofing company in Rocky Hill, CT, to do the job. And you must be 100% confident in your choice. This post discusses the common signs of unprofessional and poor roofing work to help you find the best quality workmanship.

Common Mistakes of Unreliable Roofing Contractor in Rocky Hill, CT

Roofing Contractor in Rocky Hill, CT

Mismatched Roof Shingles

Many unreliable roofing contractors use several suppliers, and products can get mixed into various jobs, leading to mismatched shingles. And this can be easy to spot, so be sure to choose a roofing contractor with one consistent supplier.

Misusing Roofing Nails

Roofing nails are specific “nails” for certain tasks and functions, such as securing the decking. If the roofing contractor uses the wrong ones, warranties can get voided, precluding insurance fees! And here are some nail issues you need to watch out for:

  • Absence of barbs
  • Too short
  • Small nail heads
  • Deep driven nails
  • Nails driven into decking sheets and knots


All these can lead to premature roofing system degradation.

Incorrect Shingle-Overhang Distance

Shingles need to be at least 4 cm to 10 cm overhang. Anything more can lead the shingles to lift and blow away during harsh weather conditions. Meanwhile, anything less can welcome water into your structure, causing more damage.

Correct shingle installation is crucial as its drip edge flashing stops the two issues mentioned. You can use shingle adhesive to affix the flashing, prolonging its lifespan.

Incorrect or Missing Starter Shingles

These are common mistakes for new roofers and DIY-ers, leading to an unappealing and damaged roof. After all, an incorrect layout at the starter two can make your roofing system, especially the decking, vulnerable to water leaks.

Attic Negligence

Roofing systems consist of several subsystems, including the attic. Excess moisture and heat can build up when it doesn’t get enough ventilation, creating premature wear and tear for your roofing shingles. Aside from that, the insulation will get affected, leading to more expensive energy bills.

Incorrect Roof Slope

You need to use roofing materials compatible with your roofing system’s slope. Without the correct angle, your roof will be prone to water leaks.

Not Following the Manufacturer's Guideline

When you don’t stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines during installation, you might get your warranty voided, costing you more.

Skipping Roof Permits

Property owners are responsible for roofing permits as municipalities ask for at least one, and the owners have the liabilities (fines) if they don’t get one. Once your state finds out you’ve installed a roof without a permit, you might get denied insurance coverage. Or worse, your city’s building officers can have your roof removed.

Looking for a Reliable Commercial Roofing Contractor in Rocky Hill, CT?

Reliable Commercial Roofing Contractor in Rocky Hill, CT?

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